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- Nous recherchons 1 ou 2 distributeurs revendeurs par pays pour les produits Duplikey, Duplimemory et dupliflopmemory.- We seek 1 or 2 distributors retailers by country for the products Duplikey, Duplimemory and dupliflopmemory.- Wir suchen 1 oder 2 Verteiler Wiederverkäufer pro Land für die Produkte Duplikey, Duplimemory und dupliflopmemory.- Buscamos 1 ó 2 distribuidores minoristas por país para los productos Duplikey, Duplimemory y dupliflopmemory.- Ricerchiamo 1 o 2 distributori rivenditori per paese per i prodotti Duplikey, Duplimemory e dupliflopmemory.


DUPLIMEMORY8, 16, 24 et 32

DupliMemory 8, 16, 24 and 32 are USB Keys duplicators as well as FlashRom Memory Cards such as: CF1, CF2, Extreme CF, Extreme III CF, Ultra II CF, HS CF, MD MicroDrive, MS Memory Stick, MS DUO, MS MagicGate, MS MagiGate PRO, MS MagiGate DUO, MS MagicGate PRO DUO, Extreme MS PRO, Extreme Memory stick pro, Extreme III MS PRO, HS MS MagiGate PRO, HS MS MagiGate PRO DUO, MS ROM, MS Select, SD Secure Digital, Mini SD, Extreme SD, Extreme III SD, ultra II SD, MMC 1, MMC 2, MMC 4.0, RS MMC Reduced-Size MultiMediaCard, HS RS MMC, SM Smart Media, XD picture card, T-Flash TransFlash.
They can copy files and folders in a multitasks environment.
Macintosh (Mac OS X 10) and Windows VISTA NTFS compatible.

Software product offers following features:

- Duplicating from 8 to 32 USB Keys or Memory Cards simultaneously (according to configuration) and copying from 32 MB to 2 GB of data,
- In future version, software upgrade (price not yet known) will offer simultaneous copies from different informations to various medias, that is 5 media formats by a maximum of 32 memories in the same time, therefore all in all 160 simultaneously managed copies, in 5 duplication windows (Typically for three differents clients),
- Multitasks duplication for all USB Keys or FlashRom Memory Cards,
- Audio signal at the end of copy,
- Selecting file or folder through dialog or Drag&Drop,

- Selecting a folder itself with its content, or only items inside this folder,
- Adding items in a media without deleting previous content (folders or files),
- Checking 8 to 32 mounted medias and their content,
- Managing copy series, with number of medias to be copied and number of duplicated medias,
- Complete errors management: the sofware immediately displays error code when:
a/ One or several USB Keys or Memory Cards become unavailable (untimely unmounted, bad connection, hardware failure, power cut) during copy job,
b/ One or several USB Keys or Memory Cards are write-protected by a Lock switch, preventing preventing Write operations,
c/ One or several USB Keys or Memory Cards are full (no more space availlable), or files with same name already exist,
- Flashing the blinking LED of one or several USB Keys or Memory Cards, for example to find which one is in failure,
- Very fast copy on USB Keys or Memory Cards,
- Possibility to compare duplicated Floppy Disks or Memories ((if you accidentally duplicated several medias with different sources, in order to sort them, or to get an additional level of certification for a special copy job, when customer specifications impose it on you).

Hardware product implements following features:

- 8 hubs with 35ports per tower (It's possible to use from 1 to 4 towers simultaneously), spaced out enough to connect 30 mm ( 1,18") maximal width keys (Typically MP3 Players),
- All these hubs are totally independent one of the others, offering more reliability,
- Every Hub has Power On and In Use indicator lights,
- Every connected media on one hub has an In Use indicator light,
- Every Hub is auto powered, enabling you to use USB Keys or Memory Cards with a very high level of electrical power consummation (250 watts power supply)
- USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatibility (1.0 not tested)
- 2 m (6,56 ft) USB extension cord, allowing to connect DupliMemory far enough of the PC or the Macintosh, and within hand reach for comfortable insertion and removal of USB Keys or Memory Cards
- Including one Fast USB PCI card, with high data rate. Card to be inserted in PC or (Macintosh), in order to connect every DUPLIMEMORY

This efficient set will allow you to get a very fast profitability on your investment and to save a lot of time in Floppy Disks or Memory Cards duplication. No market competitor, today !

The same set can be used copying USB1 or 2 hard disks, or any peripheral device bigger than 2 GB, through a software upgrade.

Does only work with connected towers and with our PCI USB card.
On PC, Boot Disk necessarly in NTFS format, under Windows VISTA.
Compatible with (Mac OS X), as well.

Recommended Public Price (exclusive of tax):
DupliMemory 8 : 1 990,00 euro
DupliMemory 16: 2 990,00 euro
DupliMemory 24: 3 890,00 euro
DupliMemory 32: 4 790,00 euro

Sofware upgrade for use with memories greater than 2 GB : 220,00 euro

Download the PDF