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- Nous recherchons 1 ou 2 distributeurs revendeurs par pays pour les produits Duplikey, Duplimemory et dupliflopmemory.- We seek 1 or 2 distributors retailers by country for the products Duplikey, Duplimemory and dupliflopmemory.- Wir suchen 1 oder 2 Verteiler Wiederverkäufer pro Land für die Produkte Duplikey, Duplimemory und dupliflopmemory.- Buscamos 1 ó 2 distribuidores minoristas por país para los productos Duplikey, Duplimemory y dupliflopmemory.- Ricerchiamo 1 o 2 distributori rivenditori per paese per i prodotti Duplikey, Duplimemory e dupliflopmemory.


DUPLIKEY 16 and 32

Duplikey16, 32 or 64 is a FlashRom USB keys duplicator, copying files and folders in a multitasks environment.
Macintosh (Mac OS X 10) and Windows XP compatible.

Software product offers following features:

- Duplicating 16, 32 or 64 keys from 32 MB to 2 GB
- Multitasks duplication for all keys at the same time
- Audio signal at the end of copy
- Selecting file or folder through dialog or Drag&Drop
- Selecting a folder itself with its content, or only items inside this folder
- Adding items in a key without deleting previous content (folders or files)
- Formating keys manually (before copying) and automatically (during copy job)
- Checking 16, 32 or 64 connected keys and their content
- Managing copy series, with number of keys to be copied and number of duplicated keys.
- Complete errors management: the sofware immediately displays error code when:
   a/ One or several keys become unavailable (untimely unmounted, bad connection, hardware failure, power cut) during copy job,
   b/ One or several keys are write-protected by a Lock switch preventing write operations,
   c/ One or several keys are full (no more space availlable), or files with same name already exist.

- Flashing the blinking LED of one or several keys, for example to find which one is in failure.
- Very fast copy on the keys
- Possibility to compare duplicated keys (if you accidentally duplicated several keys with differents sources, in order to sort them, or to get an additional level of certification for a special copy job, when customer specifications impose it on you).
Hardware product implements following features:

- 4 hubs with 4 connectors spaced out enough to connect 23 mm ( 0,9") maximal width keys
- All these hubs are totally independent one of the others, offering more reliability
- Every Hub has Power On and In Use indicator lights
- Every connected key on one hub has an In Use indicator light
- Every Hub is auto powered, enabling you to use keys with a very high level of electrical power consummation (250 watts power supply)

- USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatibility (1.0 not tested)
- 2 m (6,56 ft) USB extension cord, allowing to connect DUPLIKEY16, 32 or 64 far enough of the PC or the Macintosh, and within hand reach for comfortable connection and deconnection of keys
- Including one Fast USB PCI card, with high data rate. Card to be inserted in PC or Macintosh, in order to connect Duplikey16, 32 or 64.
- 16, 32 or 64 ports USB System also usable (without copy software) as a very efficient Hub receiving all USB devices that you may wish.

This efficient set will allow you to get a very fast profitability on your investment and to save a lot of time in USB keys duplication. No market competitor, today !

The same set can be used copying USB1 or 2 hard disks, or any peripheral device bigger than 2 GB, through a software upgrade.

Recommended Public Price (exclusive of tax):

DupliKey16 Mac or PC : 1 499.00 euro VAT (module copying and saving)
DupliKey16 Mac or PC : 999.00 euro VAT just copy module
DupliKey16 compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Vista 7 and Mac OS X

DupliKey32 Mac or PC : 2 999.00 euro VAT (module copying and saving)
DupliKey32 Mac or PC : 1 799.00 euro VAT just copy module

DupliKey64 Mac or PC : 3 999.00 euro VAT (module copying and saving)
DupliKey64 Mac or PC : 2 399.00 euro VAT just copy module
ATTENTION : DupliKey32 and DupliKey64 only compatible with Windows XP, Vista , Vista 7 , Boot Disk necessarly in NTFS format. Compatible with Mac OS X, as well.

Updated software for use on memory over 2GB : 220,00 euro VAT

Software for Mac or PC if you already have one of two : 380,00 euro VAT

Download the PDF